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About Us

Welcome to Glory Noon - The Home Of Hip Hop

Glory Noon was established in December 2018 by myself Glupez in order to provide a free and stable community platform for artists to share and promote their music to earn clout and develop their fanbases.

We have sections of the site also aimed at producers who wish to sell beats or graphic designers who provide artwork services for mixtape and album covers etc.

For non-artists we have a general chat area available where you can meet new people and chat about hip hop news, hip hop mixtapes, underground rappers, video games, fashion, cars and plenty more.


Q. Is this website really free?
A. Yes we will never charge you for creating a membership, promoting your music or participating in any social aspects of the site.

Q. How does this website make money?
A. We rely on donations from members/guests and also on advertising revenue.

Q. Can anyone become a member?
A. Yes we welcome and encourage membership from any race, religion, sexual orientation and country.

Q. Is this website safe to browse?
A. Yes we have the latest security systems in place with automatic spam monitoring and prevention.

- Updated 23/01/2020