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South Carolina Police Say DMX Lookalike Is Wanted For Attempted Murder

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Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:14 pm


A DMX doppelgänger is reportedly wanted for attempted murder by South Carolina police. After the Columbia Police Department released a police sketch of the suspect last month, people were quick to point out the similarities.

According to The State, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division spokesperson Thom Berry explained the witness said, “The guy looks a lot like DMX.”

On June 19, officers found a 27-year-old man at an apartment complex who’d been shot in the lower body. Witnesses reported they’d heard the victim and another unidentified male arguing moments before shots rang out.

Police released the sketch on June 24, saying the drawing was done “with the assistance of a crime witness” who insisted the suspect looked like the Grammy Award-nominated rapper. However, Columbia Police Department Deputy Chief Melron Kelly made sure to explain DMX is not a suspect in the case.

“I guarantee you he’s not,” Kelly said.
In order to complete a sketch, the witness talks with the artist so he or she can get a feel for the overall features and look. In this case, the artist started with the photo of DMX and went from there.
”We always let the witness dictate the process and how everything unfolds,” Berry said. “We make sure the witness sees everything we do and is comfortable with whatever rendering that we make.”
X recently got out of prison after serving roughly one year for tax evasion and presumably has no desire to go back. For now, he’s focused on his upcoming role in the film Chronicle of a Serial Killer.

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Wed Jul 17, 2019 5:07 am

Damn man that dude looks JUST like him! That is insane. I want them to find the dude just so I can see if he is DMX's younger doppelganger. Crazy how there is a chance someone is out there that looks exactly like you. I know someone who found someone online, the dude looked like his twin!
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Fri Jul 19, 2019 3:05 am

Wow that is insane, it's like he got cloned and just let his hair grow.
I didn't know DMX was in prison recently either, always in trouble with the law that dude.
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Mon Jul 22, 2019 3:47 am

Here's what DMX said about it...

“Looks exactly like me,” he says. “That shit is crazy. I just think they fucked around and drew a picture of me and they added hair to it. And they know I’m parole, man. I’m in New York. That’s the South. Shit is different down there. It’s definitely a picture of me. I mean, think about it. You never see a police sketch with that much detail in it. Like, come on.

“Police sketches be like outline shit. It’d be real quick. That’s a fuckin’ drawing right there. That ain’t no sketch. They added hair on there, threw the sideburns on. They knew what they were doing.”

I don't think he's wrong, they really did just draw him.
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