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G Herbo Says Chance The Rapper Done More for Chicago Than Kanye West

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Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:36 pm


Chance The Rapper constantly talks up about Chicago whenever he gets a chance, and with whatever he does. Since breaking into the Hip Hop scene with "Acid Rap", he's used his platform to help others in his community, especially the kids who look up to him. Chance is only 25 years old, but the things he's accomplished in a short amount of time is nothing but astounding and inspirational.

G Herbo has even come out to say that Chance has done more for Chicago than Kanye West or Micheal Jordan.

Herbo recently appeared on "Everyday Struggle" during the promotional run for his upcoming project "Swervo" to speak up about Chance's influence on Chicago. As well as his own, and Vic Mensa, and other things. Herbo even going so far as to praise Chance for all the positivity he's brought to the city.

"[Chance] done stuff for Chicago that nobody done. That Kanye, Jordan, nobody's done for Chicago what Chance done." He said, "Things that we never seen done. Just to be part of anything that he apart of already is a blessing alone."
Earlier in the month, Chance The Rapper released four new songs including "I Might Need Security" where he revealed that he bought out the publication, The Chicagoist "just to run you racist bitches outta business."

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