Jarren Benton Releases 5th Studio Album aptly named "Yuck Fou"

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Fri Jul 27, 2018 10:56 pm

Everythings in a name, and there's nothing funnier than taking what should be a censored word, and switching it around.

Just as Jarren Benton hit the road to tour with Kato on the Track, he's recently released his "Yuck Fou" project that he had been working on.

"Yuck Fou", his fifth album, finds Benton swapping bars with the likes of Hopsin, and B.o.B, while Kato handled all of the production.

Recently on Friday, July 27th, Benton hopped on social media to talk about how he felt towards everyone that helped assisted him with the project.

“It’s that time, man. Yuck Fou, the motherfuckin album. Out right now,” he said. “Make sure you mothafuckas go get it. Shout out to everybody who helped us on the project, man. Shout out to Roc Nation for giving us the opportunity.”

If you want to judge yourself, here you go. Just to see for yourself how it is.

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