Japanese Culture Meets Hip Hop

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Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:04 pm

The six dancers in the video — Katie Sachiko Scott, Christine Tolentino, Marina Watanabe, Asuka Tazawa, Yuki Sugimura and Momoe Teruya — were invited by fellow dancer Koki Kawashima (stage name: Ko-ki) to take part in a traditional Bon odori dance festival held in Tokyo’s Monzen-Nakacho neighborhood. The organizers of the event were looking for street dancers, youth into hip-hop and such, to take part and the six young women, all dance enthusiasts, answered the call. As part of the festival they performed more traditional dances — but the streets were calling.

“We felt the need to mix it up: Japanese and hip-hop culture,” says Scott, whose stage name is KTea. “They’d dressed us up in kimono and we knew we’d never get a chance like this again, So, when we had some free time during the event, we decided we should do something street.”
Source: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/community/ ... p-culture/

It is fascinating to see how widespread hip hop has become. All cultures from all around the world have their own versions and styles and I think that is very awesome!
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That is rather impressive. I know to a lot of people, these moves look simple but they ain't. It is hard to have rhythm and stay in step with other people as well as do strong moves like this. Props to these women ten fold.
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Hip hop has traveled the world and inspired people of all cultural backgrounds and I think that is pretty amazing. It is really a work of art unlike any other.
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